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and on the ships at sea painting

And on the Ships at Sea


Medium: Acrylic on board     |     Size: 600mm x 400mm     |     Price: NZ $850 (Framed)


This was originally going to be a much more dramatic picture; a proper storm with lightening and black skies.  Somewhere along the line I found myself painting the sea in blues and greens, transforming the day from a stormy to a blustery one.  Despite its calm colours the sea is still rough, with white caps on the waves.  The boats and ships are really being tossed around, I don't think I would like to be onboard especially with a squall of rain blowing across the bay.  Even the palms in the  foreground are being blown around.  The title "And on the Ships at Sea" comes from a poem called Rain by Robert Louis Stephenson.