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sunrise - frost and pearl art

Sunrise - Frost and Pearl


Medium: Acrylic on board     |     Size: 600mm x 400mm     |     Price: NZ $850 (Framed)


I am not a big fan of dark winter mornings, but being up in time to see an icy pink sunrise is some consolation.  For a few brief minutes the world glitters with frost and then the sun comes up and the scene melts away.  In this painting the pink from the sky is colouring the water of the estuary too.  The trees are haloed in frost, while in the foreground the flaxes remain a mysterious twilight blue.  Our two cats, of course, are much too sensible to be outside in the freezing cold, but they are in the picture anyway, frisking about in the crisp morning air while the sheep graze on, unconcerned.